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The IAHA and HAE collide in Halloween Art Poster

This year's poster has an interesting concept and model, namely Deanna "Witchypoo" Morton as Lily Munster sporting a cool Halloween tattoo. She also happens to be staff for the International Association of Haunted Attractions. Does matter attract matter or what? When HAE producer/artist Scott Jackson brought this idea of recreating the TV icon in a contemporary vogue-type art piece, fate brought Mrs. Morton to the call through a brief introduction at Trans World, along with mutual friend Chad Savage who also is the HAE Associate Director. When I saw Deanna in Lily's costume at her Myspace, I immediately called upon HAE artist/ photographer Lilly Prinn to see if we could make this happen. The end result was to say the least, awesome, says Jackson who has been designing the posters from the beginning of the HAE's conception. This is the first time a photograph has been used for the annual venues, and the response has been great. HAE artist/ photographer Lilly Prinn will display more from the original shoot at this years' exhibit. You can get the new poster for a limited time by visiting the HAE Store.

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