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The Annual Halloween Art Exhibit had it's humble beginnings in Chicago's Flat Iron Arts building, with nothing more than a few small paintings, a bowl of candy, and a spooky record on the phonograph. As more and more Halloween fans visited the show, we realized that our dream of a full scale gallery style exhibit could be accomplished with dedication to quality and creativity.. Many of you have asked, "Why does someone present a Halloween Art Exhibit?" Does it take a desire to express fondness for all things ghoulish and spooky? Or perhaps some repressed fantasy about reclaiming those early childhood years? The answer would be "Yes", but not that simply. To elaborate, we must first understand its creator's background...

Scott Lowell Jackson (Producer/ Publisher/ Graphic Designer/ Illustrator) Started out creating logos and t-shirt designs for local print shops with a flair for the grim and ghastly. As early as 9 years old Mr. Jackson could be found in his neighborhood sporting the Dracula cape his mother made for him long after Halloween was over. Besides art & music, Creature Features, Famous Monsters magazines were major influences. Twenty plus years later, Mr. Jackson has created a multitude of covers & artwork for magazines, comics, books, games, CD's and posters. His artwork has been featured by Kiss, Pink Floyd, Megadeth, The Electric Hellfire Club and many others. Not just the club president, he's also an artist.

Professional Experience: Art Direction/ Production Supervisor Revolutionary Comics, San Diego, CA. Art Director/ Graphic Art & Design: Monster-Mania Horror Convention, Philidelphia Introsound Records, Hollywood, CA (Halloween CD's) The Graphic Edge Art Agency, Huntington Beach, CA.
Hallowzeen Magazine, Chicago, IL
Flying Buffalo Games, Phoenix, AZ
Pop Era, Inc. Fine Art & Pop culture litho & prints
Monster Masterpieces The painted history of the horror film.
Black Cat 13! Magazine Haunted Tales of Halloween
Kankakee Community College, Illinois
Computer Illustration, Digital Photography
Personal website: http://www.monstermangraphic.com

Chad Savage (Associate Director / Webmaster / Dark Entrepreneur) Mr. Savage was a dark artist from the moment his pudgy little hands set crayon to paper. He was the kid that loved Halloween better than Christmas, rooted for Godzilla, and really worried his Southern Baptist parents. It was clear early on that Chad wanted to celebrate Halloween 365 days a year. 3 decades later, he does. His art has appeared in numerous genre books and magazines and garnered awards from same. His fonts have appeared in every conceivable media. Chad hosts and handles over 150 genre-related websites. He has, over the years, designed well over 200.For Chad, Halloween is literally every day.

Professional Experience:Chad Savage Art Show Director The World Horror Convention 2006, San Francisco, CA The World Horror Convention 2005, New York, NY Horrorfind Weekend since 2006, Baltimore, MD Flashback Weekend 2006, Chicago, IL Convergence 10 (2004), Chicago, IL

Web Designer / Webmaster( manages close to 200 websites ) including: HorrorFind.com HauntedAttraction.com TransWorld's Haunt & Attractions Show

Owner/Operator HorrorArt.com spookyART.com ChicagoHorror.com ZombiePinups.com

Personal website: SinisterVisions.com


Want to get involved? Volunteers are always welcome to join the cause! E-mail us at halloweenartexhibit@gmail.com to find out more.

  • Does your Gallery need more fun & excitement for the fall season? Host us!
  • Are you an artist interested in gaining more exposure for your work? Visit the Call for Artists page.
  • If you love Halloween as much as we do, become part of us and get rewards! Sign Up now.

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Mission Statement: To celebrate, educate & explore the expression of Halloween art & themes as fine art, in all forms of creative media.

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