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OK, so this all looks good, and you definately got what it takes. That's great, and we want the best experience for you. THIS IS IMPORTANT IF YOUR SUBMITTING WORK! We do moderate the site to keep the focus on quality, not quantity. Your art is juried & approved by both directors of the HAE before it appears on the site. Our expertise comes from over 30 years combined creating, curating and operating professional businesses in the Halloween Industry. Don't get angry if you're piece isn't immediately accepted. It just means it needs to get closer to the following criteria:
1. Submit art/ work specifically related to Halloween themes in visual, title, or vibe. Gory, Gothic, horror, dark, scary, spooky, movie monsters alone are not enough for submission. Consider the difference between the themes Gothic, spooky, dark, scary and Halloween! There is a difference. Just because your art has a skull, or is spooky, or has a monster, or whatever, doesn't make it Halloween art.

Q. If that's the case, does every piece have to have the standard Halloween icons (witch, pumpkin, owl, etc.) to be accepted?

A. No. As long as you can reasonably justify the content of the work to significantly give off a Halloween "vibe", you'll be Ok.
How do I know for sure?
A. Take away the title from your art piece. Would a complete stranger immediately know, feel or say it was definately about Halloween or the holiday of Halloween? If the answer is no or maybe, then don't submit it.Try something else. We do sometimes select exceptions based on the close relationship of the other works.

Present yourself at your best, judge your work intelligably before submitting.

More to come, Best Wishes

Scott Jackson


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