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HAE artist member Jo Jo the subject of Clive Barker's new film....

"JoJo struck me from the beginning as being an absolute one-of-a-kind creator," says Barker. "I have been, from my childhood, a fanatic where puppetry was concerned—and still love puppets. To see this man who had held on to his passion for puppets, dolls, art, and the private sexual theater of his imagination was to me mind-blowingly wonderful. I had some friends who were equally as passionate about enlightening the world to JoJo and his art, and along with a meager budget which I provided, we set out to make this movie, which I am incredibly proud of." read the amazing article here.

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Comment by Heather Gleason on June 8, 2011 at 4:58am
This is Wonderful!!! Although very sorry you went through so many hardships :(


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